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clouds seen from above
clouds seen from above
Figure 1. Cloud computing consists of a tangled weave of datacenters throughout the world. (Photo by Thomas Richter on Unsplash)

The rendering of high-quality architecture diagrams of Azure, AWS, and GCP is shown using the Python package Diagrams. Diagrams depend on the Graphviz runtime. This article shows step-by-step how to create a Docker image with Diagrams and Graphviz. All code is included and can be downloaded.

Docker Solution for Graphviz, Diagram, and Cluster

I have posted several articles on how to create development and test Docker images [see references 4, 5, and 6 below]. I assume you know of Docker and have read them.

Docker is used for encapsulating an individual image of your application.

Docker-Compose is used to manage several images at the same time for the same application. This tool offers the same features as Docker but allows you to have more complex applications. …

I recommend that you audit edX AWS SageMaker. I would not pay for the course certificate, and I recommend neither should you. I do detail twenty-one alternative resources (free).

Image for post
Image for post
AWS Sagemaker pipeline. Image Source:

I go through the AWS (Amazon Web Services) Sagemaker Certification EdX course [1].

In the beginning, I used my standard review filters of: “I wish I had known that.” or “I wish that had been emphasized.”

In a way, I guess I did ask the above review filters. Unlike my previous articles, it ended up being a shortlist of “I wish I had known that.”.

I TRY to stay neutral. I TRY not to write down my opinion. I TRY to write down only facts. …

I list concepts and lesson gap-filling content you will need for the edX AWS Developer course to pass and be awarded a certificate.

Image for post
Image for post
There are many Amazon Web Services, like many Amazon tributaries. Image Source: Unsplash

I go through the AWS (Amazon Web Services) Developer Certification EdX course [1].

I define the terms and concepts of the course. Also, I add additional explanations and tips that may help you.

I use it as my filters: “I wish I had known that” or “I wish that had been emphasized.” I do not expand on material that I think is adequately covered.

I recommend using this blog content week by the week

  1. Skimming through concepts and exercise sections for that…


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