i definite agree with you, in the sense in Part 2, I compare Flask to assembler as Streamlit is to 4th level language.It is early days for Steramlit in terms of version release. You are giving up low level control in Flask in exchange for high-level terse but powerful semantics in Streamlit.

In Part 3, I will do a full dashboard and part 4, deploy to cloud. You will notice no change in Streamlit and the addition of /template and /static subdirectories add another dimension of complexity. I also mention session encryption of cookies, and the maze of routes, argument passing via JSON, what is GET, what is PUT, etc.

All the libraries out there for flask apps , HTML, CSS, Javascript are a great resource, Streamlit will be there in 18 months.

I am going to look at Dash now, I m intrigued.

Anyway that is my bet.

Regards Bruce

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